Graphic Design Portfolio

The following slide show demonstrates my graphic design abilities from prior work I’ve done using PhotoShop and ImageReady.  Some of these were short lived promotional graphics while others are still used as web site banners and logos.

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Logo Banner for Octo-Dolls LLC

Octo-Dolls Graphic Logo Banner

Designed for Octo-Dolls LLC using PhotoShop

Logo Button Octo-Dolls

Octo-Dolls LLC Logo Button

Logo Button for Octo-Dolls LLC

This logo button was designed in PhotoShop to be used as avatars in social media profiles and e-commerce accounts on Etsy and eBay.

web design portfolio header graphic

Web Design Portfolio Header

My old web design and development portfolio header

At my old portfolio,, I created this banner as my header using public domain photos I edited in PhotoShop.

custom twitter background for mystique boutique graphic

Mystique Boutique Custom Twitter Background

Custom Twitter Background

A custom Twitter background increases followers. This was designed using PhotoShop and is live at the Twitter account for Mystique Boutique @DiscountLabels

Graphic Design and Photo Editing

Graphic Design and Photo Editing for Mystique Boutique

Informative banner for Client's E-commerce site

When Mystique Boutique moved to Las Vegas, I designed this banner to place on the web site using a public domain photograph of the Las Vegas strip and adding graphical text in PhotoShop.

Logo Banner Graphic Design

Logo Banner Graphic Design - Mystique Boutique

Mystique Boutique Logo Banner

After purchasing the graphic of a woman walking her dog and shopping in Paris, I used the graphic and added graphical text to create a logo banner for the E-commerce site.

Facebook Page Icon Design Graphic

Facebook Page Icon Design

Facebook Page Icon Design for Mystique Boutique

A vertical banner converts visitors into fans on Facebook pages. I designed this banner to match the web site using PhotoShop.

e-commerce graphic design

Cyber Monday Graphic for E-Commerce Site

Cyber Monday Graphic

Using a public domain stock photo, I added graphical text to the image using PhotoShop to create an informative Cyber Monday image advertising the e-commerce site's discount for Mystique Boutique.

Handbag Sale Graphic Design

Handbag Sale Graphic Design

Clearance Event Graphic Design

I used a product photo taken by the client of one of the handbags they sell and used it to make a graphic advertising the clearance sale on the e-commerce site.

photo editing graphic design

Photo Editing Graphic Design

Photo Editing and Design

Designed this header banner for a health web site using public domain photos spliced together in PhotoShop with graphical text added.

facebook page icon graphic design

Facebook page icon graphic design for health site

Vertical icon for Facebook Fan Page

A vertical icon on a Facebook page converts visitors into fans. I created this for a health site's Facebook page using a public domain stock photo and PhotoShop.

Graphic design button

Graphic Design Button

Graphic Design Button Logo for Linking Purposes

Designed using PhotoShop and a public domain stock photo, this button was designed for a health site for social media purposes and linking.