About Me

Who is Jennifer Kilkenny?

Short Answer:  Wife, Mother, Account Coordinator and Social Media Marketing Wizard at Total Social Solutions.

Education:  Associate Degree in Web Technologies, Certificate in Web Design & Development.

My interest in web design & online marketing began in 1995 when we got our first Windows computer and went online.  I immediately became enraptured by the internet and web design, starting various little free web spaces on Geocities.com.  I started pages based on my favorite TV shows, bands, and various other interests.  I learned as I went, asking online friends on various chat forums how to make certain pieces of code work.  Eventually, I was able to code entire web sites by hand using only HTML coding.

I then began experimenting with different web browsers and found Netscape to be very good.  In addition to the superiority of Netscape at the time, it also had an easy to use web editor built into it that I began utilizing, finding new ways to design pages and organize content.  I continued building sites for fun, designing and writing my own comedy and jokes site on various free web hosting platforms.

It wasn’t until 2000 that I began taking web design more seriously.  I enrolled in college and began taking weekend seminar courses in web design, learning about Microsoft Frontpage and how to accomplish various HTML coding processes I hadn’t yet figured out on my own.

I then moved and enrolled in a community college with an Associate Degree program in Web Technologies.  I immediately started learning Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, Flash, PHP, web databases (mySQL) and other programs.  While in college, I also took an internship at a few local non-profit organizations, designing, editing, and maintaining their sites for free in order to gain experience.

I got my first paying customers in 2004, while still in college.  After graduating, I began getting a few paying customers here and there working from my home office.  But in 2005, I gave birth to our first child and took a nice long break from the web world, playing with codes and personal sites to feed my hobby and keep myself informed and up-to-date on the latest technologies.

Once my children were a little older, and don’t rely as much on me, I was able to work from home again.  In April 2009, I began writing freelance for Textbroker.com, earning some extra money writing articles for clients on various subject matters.  I began creating my own sites again, keeping some and selling others for a profit, and even landing a couple of web site clients.

So here I am, ready to enter the freelance workforce* again and offer my services as a freelance web professional in the areas of writing, web design, and web development.  I offer you a personalized experience, not a corporate impersonal one, to building your web presence and/or creating content for web or print.  Also, I am based in the United States and a United States citizen (and, as I stated above, a military spouse).  There is no outsourcing to India here.  I am USA all the way.

*Note: My availability as a freelancer is very limited as I’m working full-time at at the social media marketing firm, Total Social Solutions.

If you own a medical aesthetics practice or run a national beauty brand, and you’re interested in hiring a social media marketing firm to handle your social media marketing needs, please contact me at jenniferk[at]totalsocialsolutions[dot]com.

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