Hey, Web Geeks! Get Off Your Asses!

Even doing what you love for a living has its downsides.

With being a full-time writer and web designer / developer, the biggest issue is the lack of exercise and fresh air.  Sitting in front of my computer all day inside of a moderately sized home office, while exactly what I’ve always wanted, can explain all of the cliche’s about nerds and geeks…pale, can’t run more than a few feet before requiring an inhaler, and big goofy glasses from staring at a computer screen until everything is blurry.

All of that sitting on my rear staring at a computer screen is rather exhausting.  This past Friday, it was particularly exhausting as I stared at my computer for several moments without any clear goal in mind.  My brain was mush; my eyelids were heavy, and I wanted to sleep.

“No!” I shouted in protest against the lazy part of my brain. “We have a deadline, and we must complete it!  We need coffee!”

‘Did I just refer to myself as we?”

“Yes, you did.”

“Yeah…I definitely need coffee.”

In order to justify the luscious mocha frappuccino I wanted to leave and get, I had to figure out a way to get my coffee and drink it too, while also convincing my blood to flow and my muscles to fire.  Basically, I needed to remind my body that it was alive, and not just by creating heart palpitations as I consumed yet another caffeinated beverage.

Inspired by my most recent client, an environmental retail store, I decided it would be good exercise, environmentally friendly and money saving (after all, I’m self-employed in a down economy) to ride my bike to the corner store.

Before I even left the neighborhood, this is what was playing in my head…

…and then, without warning, I started composing this blog post in my head.

This is what writers do.  Everything is an inspiration for another blog post, article, short story, poem, or a whole new web site.  My brain is full of countless ideas right now.  If only I had the time and energy to create every single one.

Back to the reason for my bike ride…

It’s funny how you can work so hard, but not physically move for the entire day.

While so many people are working their asses off, I am working my ass ON.

So a little exercise would do me some good before I get to a point where someone decides that my behind is better referred to as “junk in my trunk” because I’m sitting all day sucking down high calorie, sugary frappuccinos.

This isn’t to say that I don’t work hard.  I work my fingers to the bone every day.

See what I did there?  I don’t work my ass off, but I do work my fingers to the bone.  I enjoy cliches.  What can I say? I am so lame, but it’s what makes me awesome.

I enjoyed my bike ride to the corner store.  The fresh air, the sunshine and just the movement of my body renewed my energy to continue working.  The unexpected inspiration, well, that was a rewarding bonus.

The near accidents I had on my way home, however, make me wonder how worth it riding my bike actually was.  I think I’ll take a different route next time, as I was nearly hit by a pickup truck in the middle of a crosswalk. Although, that gave me some inspirational words as well; they were just of the 4-letter variety and involved some violent things that I would do to the driver if I ever got my hands on him.

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