UK to Pass Law on Web Cookies


Following in the footsteps of the European Union, the UK is currently in the process of passing Internet laws for websites that originate in the UK. The new law was going to require website owners to receive consent from users before using cookies.  However, a last minute change stipulated “implied consent” from users visiting a […]

With Plagiarism, No one Wins


As an online content writer, the chances of having your content stolen are incredibly high.  It’s easy to copy and paste someone else’s creative thoughts from a web site into a word processor or content management system and then publish it for the whole world to see, as if you were the author. Additionally, there […]

Need Help With HTML5?


Every time we turn around, something changes in technology.  The Internet is especially quick to change; as anyone who uses WordPress will tell you, there’s a new version out just about every week! We know the changes are necessary, and while they’re exciting, they are also frustrating at the same time.  We have to take […]

My First Vegas Jelly


When they said to meet them at the Beat Downtown on Fremont Street, I thought the whole thing was going to be in the coffee shop with just a handful of people sitting there with their laptops sipping on coffee. What I found instead was much more exciting; a group about 3 times the size […]